Big Machine Vodka Spiked Coolers in Stores Now

Spiked Coolers in stores now - vodka juice pouches Tropical Cranberry and Lemonade

Spring is in full swing, and it is an exciting one here in the offices of Big Machine Distillery. April 2021 marks the official release of our new Spiked Cooler vodka juice pouches.  

Creating these vodka juice pouches has been an absolute labor of love for the core team here in Nashville. These three delicious flavors in perfect little pouches are a sweet reward for hunkering down, working late nights, and hiking a steep learning curve.   

It’s beyond cool to see Spiked banners on the side of popular buildings, walk into our favorite liquor stores to find boxes of Spiked coolers in refrigerators, and have friends text us pics sipping Spiked cooler pouches on party busses. 

Even more fun, there are three decidedly different teams emerging here in the Spiked home office: Team Cranberry, Team Tropical and Team Lemonade 

Team Cranberry is all about the classics. They can frequently be found quoting classic movie lines and engaging in late-night debates over which basketball player is the best of all time.  

The Tropical team loves all things pink and could live on an island vacationThey have big dreams of bringing sand, chaise lounges and umbrellas into the office.  

The boat has already left the shore with Team Lemonade. Literally. They stocked up their ice chests and have been sending snaps of tubing in the waves.  (We’ll share these pics another time.) 

“I've always had two goals in a company I've run: disrupt and sustain,” says our leader, Executive Vice President of Big Machine Distillery Mark Borchetta. “To disrupt a major industry like this is a nearly impossible task. But we think we may be in the processWjust have to build on that disruption and sustain it! I think my core team is as good as it gets. Just a few of us created the flavors and designed the pouches over long days and late nights in our headquarters on Nashville’s Music Row. Time to crush it. 

Our goal from the outset was to put a fine craft ready-to-drink cocktail in portable lightweight pouch. From the feedback we've received from store owners, consumers, and family members who won't stop calling us, we are positive we have knocked it out of the park.


Spiked Coolers are made with real fruit juice and 6.0% ALC/VOL vodka, the 6.8 fl. oz. eco-friendly pouches contain no high fructose corn syrup. 


Enjoy Responsibly. 



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